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Affordable Pricing

I offer flexible pricing options to suit a variety of budgets and project requirements, ensuring that my services are accessible to all types of businesses.

Ease of mind

I provide personalized attention and support to each client to ensure their satisfaction throughout the entire process from the first meeting to after the website is published.

Strive for Excellence

I take pride in providing exceptional service to my clients. I work closely to understand your goals and delivers websites that are easy to use and meet your expectations.


Have your custom-made website ready in 4 simple steps

Step 1

Discovery & Research

I start with getting to know you and your business to craft a solution that most suited to your challenges and your vision.

Step 2

Wireframing & Design

We make sure the content is structured strategically. From there, the low-fi and hi-fi design is created in Figma to fit with the brand guideline.

Step 3

Development & Testing

The design will be transformed into an actual functional website, carefully tested to make sure its ready for your customers.

Step 4

Launch & Maintenance

After the website is launched successfully, I will keep the website running smoothly so you can focus on other business aspects.


A small selection of projects
I’ve done with my clients

A small selection of projects I’ve done with my clients

May Haider is a fictional successful entrepreneur and business consultant. She is now launching her online business consultancy for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Her services include: one-on-one coaching, corporate consultancy and speaking at events.




Design, Development

JoyRyde is a fictional bike-rental business based in Los Angeles, USA. This project is my experimental work envisioning if JoyRyde has a website, providing its customers and residents of LA a way to rent electric bikes online.




Design, Development

Kanshingama is a Japanese clay workshop operated by Yasunobu Osugi, a skilled artisan dedicated to creating exquisite, handcrafted tableware. The project is an ecommerce website focus on Kanshingama's signature product: the Kamadohan claypot rice cooker.




Redesign, Development

Paperbacks in Saigon is a unique online bookstore that specializes in providing English-language books and novels to customers in Vietnam.




Design, Development, Maintenance

Tươi is a stylish plant shop based in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants for both individuals and businesses.




Design, Development, Maintenance


Đông Thành - Hòa Phúc is a well-established high-fidelity audio system and equipment distribution company in Vietnam, with a history dating back to 1992.




Design, Development, Maintenance


What my clients are saying

Mr. Ming
Manager of Đông Thành - Hòa Phúc

Trong quá trình làm việc với Bình, tôi thấy Bình là một người làm việc rất tâm huyết và năng nổ, sẵn sàng đề xuất những ý kiến mới để nâng cao chất lượng sản phẩm.

Mr. Shing
Founder of Paperbacks

Binh is an expert as what he does, but that isn't his best trait. His best trait is the ability to listen and to find solutions best suited for his clients, based on what they need.

Mr. Leon
Founder of Marketing Solutions Vietnam

Binh is passionate about his work and the relationships he builds with clients. Working from an original brief, Binh can keep you posted on all progress so you feel comfortable with what is happening on your project.


Questions I often received from clients

I prefer to fix a price on each project depending on the project’s scale and requirements and focus on create something wonderful together instead of logging hours for you to pay me.👌

Each projects has its own requirement and features.  A basic website would take around 1-2 months, some could take up to 4 months. This website you’re visiting right now take around 1.5 month to complete! 👨‍💻

Whatever platform you prefer. If you’re located in Ho Chi Minh City, I would love to meet up and talk about business in person. Otherwise, you can contact with me through emails, messaging apps or video calls. 🤳

No! I strongly believe in transparency and honesty when working together! I would try my best to keep the project on scope and on budget and make sure we’re on the same page from the proposal to the end of the project!👍

I believe in providing good work and take responsibility for what I’ve done! I do provide maintenance plan after the website has launched so you don’t have to worry about a thing!👨‍🔧

It’s all start with a single step

Let’s build something great together