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Tươi is a plant shop based in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, offering a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants for both individuals and businesses. The shop’s goal is to create a beautiful and inspiring space that brings joy to its customers, and to provide them with the knowledge and resources they need to care for their plants.




Design, Development, Maintenance


Challenges 🎯

Identifying the challenges helps to ensure that the website is designed to address specific problems or issues that the client is facing.

Tươi’s main way of running their business was through Instagram, where they showcased their beautiful plants and interacted with their customers. However, they wanted to expand their online presence and explore new ways of reaching their audience.

While Instagram had been an effective way for Tươi to showcase their plants and engage with their customers, they recognized that relying solely on social media had its limitations. They wanted to build a more robust online presence that would allow them to reach a wider audience and offer a more seamless buying experience for their customers.

Targer Audience (User Personas) ✍️

Conducting user research helps to identify the needs, goals, and pain points of the website's target audience. By designing a website that is tailored to the user's needs and expectations, the website can stand out in a crowded market and attract more users.

* The names and avatars of these personas have been changed due to privacy reasons

27 years old

Description: Alex is a freelance Graphic Designer, wants to decorate her small apartment with plants.

-She wants to buy plants online and have them delivered to her doorstep
- Prefers eco-friendly and sustainable options

- Limited knowledge of plant care
- Limited time for plant care
- Limited space in apartment

35 years old

Description: He's a Sale Manager working in Ho Chi Minh City

- Wants to add greenery to his office space
- Needs low-maintenance plants that can survive with minimal care
- Wants to make a bulk purchase for his office
- Needs a quick and easy buying process
- Prefers professional and reliable service

- Limited time for plant care
- Limited knowledge of plant care
- Wants a hassle-free buying experience

27 years old

Description: Robin is a plant enthusiast and works as a plant biologist.

- Passionate about plants and gardening
- Interested in unique and rare plants
- Wants to expand her plant collection
- Wants to learn more about plant care
- Prefers high-quality and hard-to-find plants

- Wants to find a reliable and knowledgeable plant seller
- Wants to access educational resources for plant care

Solutions 🧠

After carefully go through the challenges the client is facing along with considering ways of solving the customer's painpoints to achieve their goald, a design and development strategy is devised to provide the solutions for the problems.

We (the client and I) created a new website that showcased their beautiful plants and provided a more user-friendly buying experience for their customers. The website included a secure payment system and a user-friendly checkout process, making it easy for customers to purchase plants online.

I also helped them create a blog section on their website, where they could share their knowledge and expertise on plant care and offer helpful tips and advice to their customers.

Finally, we worked with Tươi to integrate their Instagram account with their website, making it easy for customers to follow their social media updates and stay up-to-date on their latest plant offerings.

Results 📈

After rounds of feedbacks and consultations, the final product is launched successfully

The new online strategy was a success, helping Tươi expand their reach and grow their business. Their website provided a more seamless buying experience for their customers, and they received positive feedback from their customers about the website’s design and usability. The blog section proved to be popular among their customers, and it helped position Tươi as a trusted and knowledgeable authority in the plant care industry.

Overall, the new online strategy helped Tươi establish a more robust online presence and reach a wider audience. While Instagram remained an important part of their online strategy, they were now able to offer a more seamless buying experience for their customers and attract new customers through other online channels.

Thanks for reading my case study! 🙌

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Design, Development, Maintenance