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JoyRyde is a fictional bike-rental business based in Los Angeles, USA. This project is my experimental work envisioning if JoyRyde has a website, providing its customers and residents of LA a way to rent electric bikes online.




Design, Development

Challenges 🎯

Identifying the challenges helps to ensure that the website is designed to address specific problems or issues that the client is facing.

  1. Limited Accessibility and Awareness: One of the significant challenges for JoyRyde was the limited accessibility and awareness of their electric bike rental service. Potential customers were not aware of the availability of electric bikes or the benefits they offered.
  2. Complex Rental Process: Renting electric bikes often involves multiple steps, including selecting the bike model, choosing pickup and drop-off locations, and understanding the terms and conditions. 
  3. Integration of Booking and Inventory Management: Managing the inventory of electric bikes and streamlining the booking process was a challenge for JoyRyde. They needed a robust system that could handle real-time inventory updates, prevent double bookings, and provide a seamless booking experience for customers. 

Targer Audience (User Personas) ✍️

Conducting user research helps to identify the needs, goals, and pain points of the website's target audience. By designing a website that is tailored to the user's needs and expectations, the website can stand out in a crowded market and attract more users.

* The names and avatars of these personas have been changed due to privacy reasons


Description: Barney believes in sustainable transportation and enjoys outdoor activities, lives in Los Angeles and loves discovering new places.

Rent an electric bike to explore different neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

Limited knowledge about electric bikes and their rental options.


Description: Sarah commutes to work everyday and wants to embrace a greener lifestyle.

Find a reliable electric bike rental service for her daily commute to work.

Concerns about the range and battery life of electric bikes for her daily commute.


Description: Mark is a tourist visiting Los Angeles with his family. He wants to explore the city's popular attractions and immerse himself in its culture.

Minimize the environmental impact of his family travel and set an example for his children.

Uncertainty about the cost-effectiveness of electric bike rentals compared to other transportation options.

Solutions 🧠

After carefully go through the challenges the client is facing along with considering ways of solving the customer's painpoints to achieve their goald, a design and development strategy is devised to provide the solutions for the problems.

  • A youthful website interface that appeal to young audience and environmental enthusiasts, let visitors learn more about JoyRyde’s story and services, raise brand’s awareness.
  • A search engine presented directly to visitors to search for the bikes that are available at the dates and location that they want.
  • A backend-management system that can help JoyRyde add and manage bikes available at different locations.
  • Email notification so JoyRyde can know when a customers leave their booking information on the website,
  • Prominent Call-to-action buttons to rent a bike from JoyRyde, let the customers know upfront from the website how much money they have to pay for the requested bike.
  • Show the details of the bikes such as: battery, colors, specifications,pictures of the bike… so the users can make an informative decision choosing which available bike is the most suitable for their needs.

Results 📈

After rounds of feedbacks and consultations, the final product is launched successfully

  • A user-friendly website that is easy to navigate and search for available bikes.
  • A listing of available bikes with each bike details presented to the visitors to choose from.
  • Visitors can leave their information via booking form on the website to let JoyRyde knows which bike they want for a certain amount of time.
  • Ability for JoyRyde to easilly add and manage bikes on certain locations throughout Los Angeles.
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive website for visitors viewing the website and renting bikes on their phones or tablets.
  • Bonus: Visitors can conveniently add what items/accessories they want such as GPS, gloves, helmet,… along with their bikes and the cost will be calculated automatically in real-time and showed on the website for their consideration

The Design Process🎨

A glimpse into my creative workspace, it is messy but that's how things get done. (I definitely clean this up when handover to clients of course:))

Thanks for reading my case study! 🙌

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Design, Development