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May Haider

May Haider is a fictional successful entrepreneur and business consultant. She is now launching her online business consultancy for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Her services include: one-on-one coaching, corporate consultancy and speaking at events.




Design, Development

Challenges 🎯

Identifying the challenges helps to ensure that the website is designed to address specific problems or issues that the client is facing.

  1. Building an Online Business Model: May Haider was venturing into the online realm for the first time with her coaching and consultancy business. This presented a challenge in terms of understanding the unique requirements and strategies needed to succeed in the digital space.
  2. Limited Technology and Computer Experience: May had limited experience and familiarity with technology and computers. This posed a challenge in terms of effectively collaborating and providing input during the design and development process.
  3. Establishing Trust in Pricing: May’s services commanded a higher price point, which could be challenging for potential clients to trust and invest in. Convincing visitors that the investment in May’s services would yield significant returns required careful messaging and showcasing the value proposition effectively.
  4. Overcoming Distrust in the Industry: The online coaching and consultancy industry has witnessed an influx of fraudulent and untrustworthy individuals, creating skepticism and distrust among potential clients. It was crucial to differentiate May’s services and build credibility to overcome these concerns.

Targer Audience (User Personas) ✍️

Conducting user research helps to identify the needs, goals, and pain points of the website's target audience. By designing a website that is tailored to the user's needs and expectations, the website can stand out in a crowded market and attract more users.

* The names and avatars of these personas have been changed due to privacy reasons

Emily Thompson

Description: Professional woman aiming for career advancement in a corporate setting

Seeking mentorship and guidance for career progression

Difficulty in finding relevant and trustworthy career advice

Emma Johnson

Description: Founder of a FemTech startup company

Seeking expert advice on business strategies and growth opportunities

Ensuring alignment of consultancy services with company objectives

Sarah Matthews

Description: Successful woman entrepreneur and thought leader

Seeking business guidance and coaching

Concerns about the effectiveness and value of coaching services, procrastination to take action

Solutions 🧠

After carefully go through the challenges the client is facing along with considering ways of solving the customer's painpoints to achieve their goald, a design and development strategy is devised to provide the solutions for the problems.

  • A sleek and modern website design, incorporating the May Haider’s established brand identity and visuals.
  • Testimonials and trust factors to increase trust, encouraging visitors to take action.
  • A blog for May to share her ideas and knowledge, help gather an audience and build her email list. Also having a blog could help with SEO, visitor’s retention rate on the website.
  • A section for lead-generation which is May’s free e-book.
  • Implemented an intuitive appointment booking system that streamlined the process for visitors and provided an easy-to-use backend management interface.

Results 📈

After rounds of feedbacks and consultations, the final product is launched successfully

  • Sleek and Modern Design, easy to navigate: The website’s professional and visually appealing design conveys trust and reliability, establishing May Haider as an expert in her field.
  • Testimonials from Clients: The inclusion of testimonials from satisfied clients lends credibility and showcases the positive impact of May Haider’s services.
  • Blog and Newsletter: A blog where May Haider share her ideas and business knowledge along with email-capture newsletter form for visitors who want to keep in touch with May’s updates.
  • Intuitive Appointment Booking: The built-in appointment booking system simplifies the scheduling process, allowing visitors to easily book appointments with May Haider directly through the website.
  • Transparent Pricing: The visitor can see the pricing for individual service without having to contact directly to support.

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